2nd of August

International Beer Day

International Beer Day

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of ordinary beer? All the more so when International Beer Day is celebrated around the world today. It is a moving holiday that takes place every year on the first Friday of August.

This holiday originated in Santa Cruz, California, initiated by beer brewers who wanted to celebrate their craft. It quickly gained popularity among consumers and spread to other countries, including Europe. Thousands of beer lovers participate in its celebrations every year, and the number continues to grow.
Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of beer? Brewing beer leaves a significant ecological footprint. On average, it takes about 0.2 kilowatt-hours of energy to produce one bottle of beer, equivalent to about three and a half hours of television. The water consumption is more difficult to estimate, but recent studies suggest that it may take up to 300 liters of water to produce one liter of beer. Additionally, most of the ingredients used in beer production are not consumed, resulting in waste that needs to be disposed of.
Craft beer enthusiasts who care about the environment may not like to hear this, but high-alcohol hoppy beers, which are becoming increasingly popular, can be even worse for the environment.
Interesting facts about beer and its consumers:
- The first beer originated in China 7,000 years ago and was made from fruit, honey, and rice.
- In ancient Egypt, beer was considered a national currency, and workers were often paid with it on construction sites.
- The strongest beer in the world is called Snake Venom Brewmeister and has an alcohol content of 67.5%.
- On average, it takes 4 liters of water, 3 hop cones, 2,400 grains of malted barley, and 25 grams of liquid yeast to produce half a liter of beer.
- Czechs are at the top of the European beer consumption ranking, with 141 liters per person. The highest consumption was recorded in 1992, with 167 liters per person.
The most important rule for beer consumers: Finish your beer to save hops, malt, water, and energy.


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