ECO tip for today
Find out when and where farmers markets are held near you and go to one.

Older ECOtips

ECO tip for Friday 22. September
Whenever possible, leave the car at home and take public transport, cycle, walk. Even larger purchases can be handled, for example, using a bag with wheels...
ECO tip for Thursday 21. September
Plan a no-cook meal today.
ECO tip for Wednesday 20. September
Electronic tobacco heating devices also deserve to be recycled.
ECO tip for Tuesday 19. September
Is it blowing? Go fly a kite with the kids.
ECO tip for Monday 18. September
Use water-based paints.
ECO tip for Sunday 17. September
World Cleanup Day is here - put your hand to the common work.
ECO tip for Saturday 16. September
Underinflated tires increase consumption and wear by up to 10%, check them regularly.
ECO tip for Friday 15. September
Is there a self-harvest of agricultural crops somewhere in your area? Try it out. Plus you save...
ECO tip for Thursday 14. September
Even polystyrene can be recycled, it would be a shame to put it in the bin for the mixture.
ECO tip for Wednesday 13. September
Buy fair trade chocolate.
ECO tip for Tuesday 12. September
Do you really need a new appliance? How often will you use it? Is it possible to just borrow it, or on the contrary share it with extended family or neighbors?
ECO tip for Monday 11. September
Stock up on roasted tea for the winter. You will see that it comes in handy.
ECO tip for Sunday 10. September
Only wash when you have a full washing machine (even so, the average family uses around 15,000 liters of water per year).
ECO tip for Saturday 9. September
Do you drive a car? Driving according to the rules of economical driving will save 1-2 liters of fuel per 100 km, and this is worth it at today's PHM prices (and it's not even significantly slower).
ECO tip for Friday 8. September
Filters from filter kettles can be taken or sent to a place where they will recycle them and give you a discount on new ones.
ECO tip for Thursday 7. September
Limit flying and above all do not fly short distances (under 500 km). Short-haul flights produce 3x more CO2 emissions per passenger than rail.
ECO tip for Wednesday 6. September
Don't buy bottled water. If you have too hard or chlorinated tap water, just use a carbon filter.
ECO tip for Tuesday 5. September
Always hand over used batteries for recycling, there are plenty of collection points.
ECO tip for Monday 4. September
Do not use plastic bags for pastries, get reusable ones.
ECO tip for Sunday 3. September
Toner and ink cartridges can be recycled. Drag them to the right place.
ECO tip for Saturday 2. September
Ladies, have you tried a menstrual cup yet?
ECO tip for Friday 1. September
Food from local farmers will certainly not disappoint you with freshness or quality.
ECO tip for Thursday 31. August
Think about how you have it set up regarding that speciesism and if it wouldn't be appropriate to correct it a little.
ECO tip for Wednesday 30. August
Get a waste KPZ card
ECO tip for Tuesday 29. August
Take an interest in and support the peace movement as much as you can.
ECO tip for Monday 28. August
Out of sight, out of mind. Organize your food clearly and keep the previously purchased items in front "in sight".
ECO tip for Sunday 27. August
Do not throw away functional furniture and decorations, perhaps they will grow for someone else.
ECO tip for Saturday 26. August
Find out where bat watching is happening near you.
ECO tip for Friday 25. August
The roof rack increases resistance and consumption by up to 5%. Take it off if you're not using it.
ECO tip for Thursday 24. August
Over 90% of the material used in the production of goods ends up as waste within six weeks. Limit the amount of single-use products and packaging you buy and look for sustainable options.


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