Older ECOtips

ECO tip for Sunday 26. March
Retired lamps belong only to take-back points.
ECO tip for Saturday 25. March
Turn off all the lights for an hour (and see what happens... :-)
ECO tip for Friday 24. March
There are also ecological products for dishwashers.
ECO tip for Thursday 23. March
Plan a visit to the nearest weather station (they have an open house every year).
ECO tip for Wednesday 22. March
By drinking tap water, you simply avoid microplastics. You get more minerals than from mineral water by eating one pea :-)
ECO tip for Tuesday 21. March
Don't buy rainforest wood products, we'll still need them...
ECO tip for Monday 20. March
Help restore a piece of wilderness in your area.
ECO tip for Sunday 19. March
Use only recycled paper towels and toilet paper.
ECO tip for Saturday 18. March
Clean up your computer, tablet, phone. It will save a little (but globally a lot) of power.
ECO tip for Friday 17. March
When you go for a walk or a trip, take something in which you can collect trash.
ECO tip for Thursday 16. March
Try washing with soap nuts.
ECO tip for Wednesday 15. March
Bulky waste does not belong to container stands, but to the collection center.
ECO tip for Tuesday 14. March
Plan a vacation on the water, you won't regret it.
ECO tip for Monday 13. March
Cooking with leftovers can be fun and you can find inspiration on many servers on the Internet.
ECO tip for Sunday 12. March
There is no better way to influence change than through elections to the government and local council. Vote responsibly.
ECO tip for Saturday 11. March
Mix your own detergent.
ECO tip for Friday 10. March
The place for the refrigerator should not be in direct sunlight, near the oven, dishwasher or stove. An ambient temperature above 20 °C increases energy consumption.
ECO tip for Thursday 9. March
Take a shower instead of a bath.
ECO tip for Wednesday 8. March
To brighten your brush, try a natural dye - henna.
ECO tip for Tuesday 7. March
Appliances sometimes need to be cleaned, adjusted, some descaled, vacuumed. They will last longer and you will save!
ECO tip for Monday 6. March
Get a few like-minded colleagues in the workplace and try to propose "green" changes together.
ECO tip for Sunday 5. March
Try doing yoga. You will see that you will like it. And above all, you will be healthier.
ECO tip for Saturday 4. March
Support a good cause, for example the upcoming cleaning of the Czech Republic.
ECO tip for Friday 3. March
Spring is knocking at the door. Go out into nature, you will definitely discover a piece of wilderness in your surroundings.
ECO tip for Thursday 2. March
Did you know that there are several temperature zones in the refrigerator? Arrange the foods accordingly.
ECO tip for Wednesday 1. March
Get reusable napkins for the kids' snacks.
ECO tip for Tuesday 28. February
Give your partner a massage with natural massage oil.
ECO tip for Monday 27. February
Adopt a polar bear :-)
ECO tip for Sunday 26. February
Do you really need a new T-shirt, trousers, shoes, curtains or sheets? First, check the contents of the cupboards at home. You might be surprised what you have there.
ECO tip for Saturday 25. February
I have 10,000 kilometers in the Mogul :-) Only...


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