Older ECOtips

ECO tip for Saturday 20. April
For items stored in the pantry, regularly check the minimum shelf life.
ECO tip for Friday 19. April
Go play marbles with the kids.
ECO tip for Thursday 18. April
Do you really use 2x as much as the discount PROMOTION tempts?
ECO tip for Wednesday 17. April
Hazardous waste does not belong in the dustbin. Fortunately, we know where to go with them.
ECO tip for Tuesday 16. April
Avoid mini portions (eg cookies, milk, coffee, sugar) that use a lot of packaging.
ECO tip for Monday 15. April
Find a way to become a microvolunteer
ECO tip for Sunday 14. April
Some good deed will surely come to your mind. Do it!
ECO tip for Saturday 13. April
Upcycle old clothes - with a little imagination, you can turn clothes you are tired of wearing into a new fashion piece.
ECO tip for Friday 12. April
Plan a trip or vacation without camping.
ECO tip for Thursday 11. April
The average car occupancy in Prague is only 1.3 people. More shared rides (not only the capital) would help..
ECO tip for Wednesday 10. April
Even unsightly, small or overgrown vegetables and fruits taste just like their aesthetically ideal relatives.
ECO tip for Tuesday 9. April
Demolition often occurs during reconstruction. However, it does not necessarily have to be only waste for recycling. In some cases, it is possible to preserve elements such as doors, windows, as well as structures for further use with a suitable form of disassembly.
ECO tip for Monday 8. April
Where else today, but to the ZOO?
ECO tip for Sunday 7. April
Disposable razors generate unnecessary waste. There are other options.
ECO tip for Saturday 6. April
Help clean up a piece of your neighborhood. The biggest volunteer event is here...
ECO tip for Friday 5. April
Go on foot. 25% of car journeys are 1.5 km or less. Isn't it unnecessary (and tedious at peak times)?
ECO tip for Thursday 4. April
Give the carrot to your rat. You don't have it? No problem, have a carrot treat yourself.
ECO tip for Wednesday 3. April
Find out if there is an opportunity to build, modify or clean a pond or wetland in your area.
ECO tip for Tuesday 2. April
Collect wild garlic and make a great soup or pesto (or better both...:-).
ECO tip for Monday 1. April
Build and hang a birdhouse.
ECO tip for Saturday 30. March
When you go for a walk or a trip, take something in which you can collect trash.
ECO tip for Friday 29. March
When was the last time you ate cabbage? So for example today...
ECO tip for Thursday 28. March
Wash as sparingly as possible. 75% of the carbon footprint of clothing comes from washing and drying it.
ECO tip for Wednesday 27. March
Shop according to the list and don't go to the store hungry.
ECO tip for Tuesday 26. March
Retired lamps belong only to take-back points.
ECO tip for Monday 25. March
Baking soda is an inexpensive and readily available cleaning agent and can also be used as an odor remover.
ECO tip for Sunday 24. March
There are also ecological products for dishwashers.
ECO tip for Saturday 23. March
Turn off all the lights for an hour (and see what happens... :-)
ECO tip for Friday 22. March
By drinking tap water, you simply avoid microplastics. You get more minerals than from mineral water by eating one pea :-)
ECO tip for Thursday 21. March
Don't buy rainforest wood products, we'll still need them...


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