About the ECOcalendar

The aim of the project is to familiarize the wider public and school youth with international days/holidays for the protection of the environment and endangered animal species. Involve them in activities that are related to individual days and motivate them to take concrete steps that everyone can take personally on the occasion of the given holiday as part of its celebration.

The topic of environmental protection and the protection of endangered species is becoming more and more relevant. Individual international days usually aim to draw attention to a specific topic and the ecological problems associated with it. There are approximately 150 days a year that are declared international days (a total of 50 of which are declared directly by the UN and are linked to specific sustainable development goals - SDGs) with the theme of the environment (approx. 100) and the protection of animals, especially endangered species (approx. 50 ).

However, these international days/holidays have not yet been comprehensively available anywhere, and in most cases, detailed information about them has not even been available in the Czech language (since when they are celebrated, who declared them and why, what they are dedicated to, what activities are associated with them...).

That is why this ECOcalendar was created.

Become a patron of the selected day/holiday

Did the EKOcalendar or any of the holidays appeal to you? Choose an international day/holiday related to your activity, products, or perhaps your company name or logo! Together we will ensure its promotion and popularization towards the widest public.

If you are interested, please contact us for a more detailed offer.


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