August 17th

International Homeless Animals Day

International Homeless Animals Day

This day is the time to donate effort or money to help abandoned animals around the world, from providing food to neutering to helping with rescue and adoption.

Every day, animals are lost, abandoned, or placed in shelters that rely entirely on charity and goodwill. These organizations are struggling to cope with the situation and desperately trying to raise awareness about the suffering of homeless and abandoned animals.
The International Day of Homeless Animals aims to educate people about the abandonment of domestic pets and the important benefits of spaying and neutering them.
This day, founded in 1992 by the International Society for Animal Rights, was established in response to the growing demand for rescue centers and shelters for animals left on the streets.
Domesticated dogs and cats rely on their human families to meet their needs, and when they become homeless, things start to look very bleak. The International Day of Homeless Animals is here to raise awareness and shed light on the needs of homeless animals, while also raising funds for local animal shelters to help meet their needs.
Shelters try to care for homeless animals, but it is not always possible when they lack space, staff, or finances. It is sad that when shelters are full, many dogs and cats have to be euthanized because they cannot be cared for and are not adopted into loving families. More than 25 million dogs and cats have to be killed each year due to shelter overcrowding.
The International Day of Homeless Animals offers a great opportunity for people to come together and help these otherwise helpless creatures.
To celebrate the International Day of Homeless Animals, you can get involved in helping these homeless animals in various ways by participating in some of these activities and ideas.
Adopt a pet from a shelter: Instead of getting a furry family member from a breeder, adopt one from a shelter in honor of the International Day of Homeless Animals. This saves new births and reduces the risk of them becoming homeless as well. If you want a specific breed, up to 25% of dogs entering shelters are purebred, and shelters are often happy to help families find a dog that suits them. But remember, pets are for life, so make sure you are ready before adopting.
Learn more about homeless animals: If you want to raise awareness about the International Day of Homeless Animals, learn some interesting facts about the plight of these poor creatures and share them to encourage others to get involved in this day. Consider some of these facts about needy animals:
- Over 75 million companion animals end up in shelters in the United States every year, and most never reunite with their owners.
- Only 10% of pets entering shelters are spayed or neutered, meaning the population of abandoned animals continues to grow as they reproduce rapidly.
- Only 1 in 10 puppies born will find a home.
- Estimates show that there are up to 70 million stray cats in the United States at any given time.
Provide a financial donation: Some people who already have enough pets or cannot care for them for some reason may want to celebrate the International Day of Homeless Animals. Helping a local shelter with a donation helps cover food, medical care, spaying and neutering, and various other needs while animals wait to be adopted into new families.


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