July 27th

Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day

Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day

Take your houseplant for a walk around the neighborhood for a change of pace, give it some fresh air and a chance to introduce the neighbors.

Many people who have pets, especially dogs, can often be seen walking around their neighborhood or in the park with them. Dog owners often gather in special dog parks to talk about their different breeds and how their dogs are doing. But people who are more focused on plant pets may feel a bit left out, as they also may want to show off their little plant companions to the world around them. Take Your House Plant For a Walk Day is here to rectify this situation and give some space to those who simply love their plants.
History of Take Your House Plant For a Walk Day:
People have been cultivating house plants for several centuries. Besides keeping vegetables, fruits, and flowers in outdoor gardens, the idea of bringing plants indoors for growth was attractive to those living in less favorable environments. By the end of the 17th century, the art of indoor plant cultivation gained popularity and became an interesting hobby or pastime. The positive impact of house plants on the health of their owners should not be overlooked.
Take Your House Plant For a Walk Day was the brainchild of Thomas and Ruth Roy. The idea behind this day is to celebrate plants and introduce them to their immediate surroundings, which could also be beneficial for them. Proud plant owners can take advantage of this unique opportunity to show off their leafy friends in the area when Take Your House Plant For a Walk Day takes place in the middle of the summer months. Plant owners can even admire other people's plants and exchange stories and tips on plant care, just like pet owners, but with less chance of biting, sniffing, or marking territory.
Take Your House Plant For a Walk Day offers the perfect time to do something a little crazy and have the perfect excuse for it.
How to celebrate Take Your House Plant For a Walk Day:
Enjoy it with some of these ideas:
- Take your house plants for a walk: The first thing you need to do is gather a few house plants and take a walk with them. Those who are passionate plant lovers could consider harnessing a small cart or even a wheelbarrow to walk several plants around the block at once. Head to the local park and sit for a while to see if other plant lovers with the same idea could meet during the celebration of Take Your House Plant For a Walk Day.
- Engage in other activities for house plants: For those who find the concept of Take Your House Plant For a Walk Day a bit strange, there are certainly more conservative ways to get involved. Plants tend to grow throughout their lives, and plant owners can use this day as an excuse to repot any plants that may be a bit too big for their pots. Additionally, you can use this day as a reason to take your plant for a walk to a new spot in the house, perhaps where it could get more or less sunlight depending on its needs. Or choose a favorite plant that may be longing for a change and take it to work, place it on your desk, and bring some life into the office.
- Buy a new house plant: For people who do not yet own a house plant, there is no better day to bring one home and introduce it to the family or even the neighbors.


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