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International STOP Animal Transport Day

International STOP Animal Transport Day

International STOP Animal Transport Day, which falls on June 14, commemorates the suffering of millions of animals around the world, often transported in inadequate and cruel conditions. It represents an opportunity to give long-distance transport animals a much-needed voice.

On June 14th, the International Day to STOP Live Transport was observed as a reminder of the tragedy that occurred on the same day in 2015 when 13,000 sheep tragically died during a long journey from Romania to Somalia. This year, Czech organizations such as Hlas zvířat, NESEHNUTÍ, OBRAZ, ONE HEART, Plicka & Partners, and Svoboda zvířat joined the International Day to raise awareness about the cruel transportation of animals. Czech citizens are urging Minister of Agriculture Zdeněk Nekula to support stricter EU legislation to protect animals during transport, including a ban on the cruel export of live animals outside the EU. Disturbing footage has been released showing the horrific conditions in which live animals are transported from Europe, including animals being kicked and forced into overcrowded and dirty trucks and ships. People across Europe are sending digital postcards to 14 EU agriculture ministers, including Zdeněk Nekula, on behalf of the millions of suffering animals, urging them to support a ban on this cruel trade. Every year, millions of animals suffer immensely during long-distance transport by land, sea, or air for slaughter or fattening. They experience stress, exhaustion, overheating, and injuries. Many of these animals are sheep and calves, transported in cramped conditions without enough food and water, and often face brutal slaughter without stunning. Several countries, including Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, and Denmark, have already banned the export of live animals for slaughter outside the EU and support a ban on this cruel practice in the entire EU. Other countries, such as New Zealand and Australia, have also implemented restrictions on the export of live animals. A recent report by the European Court of Auditors concluded that transport is always a source of stress for animals and that profit is the driving force behind the trade. The European Commission is proposing significant improvements to current animal welfare rules, including a ban on the export of live animals, which is supported by 94% of European citizens. It is crucial for EU agriculture ministers to listen to their citizens and not succumb to powerful agricultural lobbies that prioritize profit. The aim is to end this cruel and unnecessary trade in live animals.


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