31.st October

World Cities Day

World Cities Day

The General Assembly of the United Nations, with its resolution 68/239, declared October 31 as World Cities Day. The day is expected to greatly promote the international community's interest in global urbanization, advance cooperation among countries in realizing the opportunities, in addressing the challenges of urbanization and contribute to the sustainable development of cities around the world.


The patron of World Cities Day is MUNIPOLIS - a smart communication network connecting cities and municipalities, companies, associations and other groups with their members, residents, families and employees. MUNIPOLIS is a team of enthusiastic experts with the determination to change the world for the better through modern technologies.


The World Cities Day is celebrated on October 31, highlighting the environmental and urban challenges faced by cities globally and in the Czech Republic. Munipolis, a smart communication network connecting cities and communities, emphasizes the importance of communication in addressing these challenges. With the diverse composition of urban populations, effective communication using modern technologies is crucial for creating healthy relationships and engaging citizens in solving environmental and other issues. Non-communicative municipalities are found to be more fragile, as they struggle to gain the trust and participation of their residents. On the other hand, municipalities with effective communication are perceived as more capable and are able to activate a larger number of citizens. Munipolis offers its communication tools to newly involved local governments for free, allowing them to gather feedback from citizens, map their moods, and inform them about new projects. The aim is to lower barriers and provide municipalities with the means to address current challenges by facilitating communication between local governments and their citizens. In addition, the EKOkalendář project, in collaboration with the Ukliďme Česko association, provides information on over 240 environmental-related days and holidays, along with 365 eco-tips for each day. The printed EKOkalendář for 2024 can be purchased from the Ukliďme Česko FanShop.


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