June 17

World Crocodile Day

World Crocodile Day

Every year on June 17, World Crocodile Day draws attention to the plight of these endangered reptiles and encourages you to learn more about these amazing reptiles.

Crocodiles can easily be confused with alligators, but there are certain differences between the two. The primary difference is the shape of their snouts. Crocodile snouts have a long pointed shape resembling the letter V, while alligator snouts are more rounded and shaped like the letter U. Additionally, crocodiles are usually much larger than alligators, with an average weight of up to a ton. Crocodiles are also more aggressive, making them more dangerous.
Crocodiles can be found in almost every corner of the world. They originate from both North and South America and are also found in Africa, Australia, and Asia. However, the Florida Everglades is the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators coexist.
Some facts about crocodiles include their incredibly strong bite, with the strongest bite force among all animals. There are 15 different species of crocodiles, and they can live in both freshwater and saltwater. They feed on fish, birds, and other animals, and can live up to 100 years, with the oldest crocodile in the world reaching 140 years.
There is concern that some species of reptiles, including crocodiles, are on the path to extinction due to human activities. Hunting, pollution, and habitat destruction are the main reasons why crocodiles are endangered.
Every year, zoos around the world participate in World Crocodile Day. Activities in zoos include talks about crocodiles, crocodile exhibitions, face painting, arts and crafts, crocodile feeding, educational seminars, and photography.
Other ways to participate in World Crocodile Day include visiting a crocodile exhibition in your local zoo, learning about the threats faced by crocodiles in the wild, donating to organizations that protect crocodiles, watching online videos about these majestic creatures, reading books about crocodiles to children, and sharing the day on social media with the hashtag #WorldCrocDay.


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