April 14th

Good Deeds Day

Good Deeds Day

The holiday was founded in Israel in 2007 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Shari Arison through a non-profit organization that connects people who want to volunteer with organizations that need help. In 2011, the day went global with participants from all over the world, and since then millions of people and thousands of organizations from over 108 countries come together every year to volunteer and #DoGood…


The patron of the Day of Good Deeds is LUSH, a specialist in handmade natural cosmetics. Their contribution to doing good is the long-term Charity pot project, supporting initiatives working in the field of animal protection, human rights and the environment.


Good Deeds Day is a global movement of people and organizations dedicated to everyday acts of kindness. It is based on the simple idea that everyone can do something good to improve the lives of others and positively change the world. Charity Pot, a hand and body cream by Lush, was also launched in the same year as Good Deeds Day. The purpose of its sale is to raise funds for small charitable organizations, activists, and various other charitable projects. Over the past 15 years, more than 65 million pounds (approximately 19 billion CZK) have been raised for over 13,700 nonprofit organizations and projects worldwide. Charity Pot is seen as a special collaboration with Lush customers, where all the money from the sale goes directly to support good causes. In the Czech Republic, the support from Charity Pot has led to the creation of the unique EKOkalendář, which aims to raise awareness about environmental protection and endangered species. It also encourages individuals, companies, and organizations to participate in activities related to each day. Lush, the patron of Good Deeds Day, is a British company with an activist heart that is driven by innovation and ethics. Its mission is to produce products for every need and lead a cosmetic revolution for the planet's salvation. Lush has a strict policy against animal testing and is a leader in the cosmetic industry in the fight against excessive packaging. It operates in 49 countries with over 900 stores and a global online presence.


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