June 27

World Fisheries Day

World Fisheries Day

Since 1985, June 27 has been an official holiday associated with sport fishing (and fish farming in general). Since 2001, this holiday has even been under the official auspices of the United Nations. The primary goal of establishing this holiday was to draw attention to the need to protect fish populations with an emphasis on long-term sustainability.

One of the main aspects of World Fisheries Day is the emphasis on sustainable fishing practices. Overfishing and inefficient methods have a devastating impact on marine ecosystems. It is necessary to protect endangered species and minimize the negative impacts of fishing on marine biodiversity. Organizations and governments are trying to establish and enforce fishing quotas, reduce illegal fishing, and promote sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact.
World Fisheries Day also highlights the importance of protecting and restoring marine ecosystems. Oceans are not only a source of food but also provide oxygen for us to breathe. Marine biodiversity is incredibly rich, and its protection is essential for maintaining balance in ecosystems.
Fishing plays a crucial role in the livelihoods of a vast number of people worldwide. Fish and other seafood are not only an important source of food but also a fundamental source of income for millions of people, especially in developing countries. World Fisheries Day reminds us of the importance of sustainable fisheries management, which preserves ecosystems, ensures the livelihoods of fishermen, and provides a balanced food source for the world.
Sport fishing has been a part of our country for a long time. In recent decades, it has undergone significant development. Not only have fishing techniques changed, often due to the development of more advanced materials, but also the approach of fishermen to the hobby itself. Or at least the majority. Just a few decades ago, the idea of releasing a peaceful fish was a matter for a handful of oddballs. Today, a large part of fishermen carefully choose which fish to keep, if any, for their dinner. For almost 20% of fishermen, the way of securing dinner is becoming purely a sport.
On the occasion of World Fisheries Day, a number of events take place throughout the Czech Republic, mainly aimed at children and youth, organized by the Czech Fishing Association, the Moravian Fishing Association, or the Fishing Association of the Czech Republic.


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