3rd of November

World Jellyfish Day

World Jellyfish Day

Although World Jellyfish Day may sound a little strange to some, it makes sense to celebrate these invertebrates, which have been on Earth for millions of years longer than humans. World Jellyfish Day is meant to honor our slightly slimy companions who can sometimes cause a bit of a scare on the beach.

Most people believe that the origin of World Jellyfish Day probably comes from a group of enthusiastic marine biologists or simply from those who respect these strange yet beautiful creatures. The largest populations of jellyfish are found in the southern hemisphere in places like Australia and South Africa, where beaches are teeming with these interesting but sometimes dangerous creatures.
How to celebrate World Jellyfish Day
It is clear that commemorating this event can be a bit challenging. It is obvious that you cannot take a jellyfish to dinner or enjoy a day at the spa with it. However, simply traveling to the beach in the hope of spotting one is a fun idea that can be realized if you live near or happen to be by the sea. Try these other ideas to enjoy the celebration of World Jellyfish Day.
Learn fun facts about jellyfish
Enter this day by paying attention to jellyfish and learning more about their lives. Try these fun facts that you can share with friends when reminding them that it is World Jellyfish Day.
- Jellyfish not only do not have bones or a heart, but they also do not have a brain, only a central nervous system. However, this does not prevent them from being intelligent and adapting to their environment.
- Some jellyfish can glow in the dark. Those that have this ability have bioluminescent organs that emit either green or blue light, which is activated by touch. This serves as a defense mechanism to scare away predators.
- One giant species of jellyfish is called the Hair Jelly. The largest one ever recorded was found in a washed-up sea in Massachusetts, USA, in 1870. It had tentacles over 40 meters long.
Visit an aquarium
On this day, when visiting an aquarium, get acquainted with some jellyfish and their marine friends.


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