April 27th

Marine Mammal Rescue Day

Marine Mammal Rescue Day

Given the countless threats facing the oceans today, marine mammals need our help. Donate or volunteer to help these creatures against threats and extinction.

Marine mammals live in a very different environment from those on land, but that doesn't make them any less valuable. Dolphins, seals, whales, sea otters, and other species face a challenging underwater environment that is not as hospitable as it once was. The Marine Mammal Rescue Day aims to raise awareness about the plight of these beautiful and unique creatures, who are an important part of underwater ecosystems. Join the Marine Mammal Rescue Day and show your support for this amazing marine life.
Marine mammals have a history that goes back further than human history can tell. Originally hunted by coastal indigenous people for food, fur, and oil, they have come a long way. Now, many of them are fighting for survival due to the impact that humans have on their lives. Whales and dolphins also need help from diseases and injuries during this season, just like throughout the year. Polluted waters, marine debris, and illegal fishing gear can contribute to the damage and killing of all types of aquatic life.
Being good stewards of the planet should include its largest part, the ocean, and its inhabitants. However, human actions and inaction have polluted and poisoned the ocean. Climate change has warmed the oceans and changed the patterns of fish swimming. The Marine Mammal Rescue Day was established to draw attention to the fact that young marine mammals, in particular, are often not strong enough to swim far and deep enough to catch the fish they need.
In 2017, Senator Toni Atkins from California proposed a bill to create Marine Mammal Rescue Day. And although the day originated in the United States, oceans are shared by people from nations all over the world. It is therefore important to spread information about this day to raise awareness and show support for marine mammals.
How to celebrate Marine Mammal Rescue Day:
Contribute to marine mammals. Various charitable and nonprofit organizations work hard to support and protect marine life. However, they need financial assistance from individuals, companies, and others. Marine Mammal Rescue Day would be an ideal time to make a donation to a group or even a local zoo that helps these creatures.


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