4th of April

World Rat Day

World Rat Day

World Rat Day has been celebrated on April 4 since 2002, when a movement to celebrate it was founded by rat lovers.

Rats are medium-sized rodents that belong to the superfamily called Muroidea. They are typically distinguished from mice by their size. The family of muroids is complex and very wide. Scientifically, terms like rat, mouse, and rat are not limited to members of the Rattus and Mus genera. World Rat Day is created with the aim of recognizing rats as amazing pets and companions for people of all ages.
How to celebrate World Rat Day:
Celebrating World Rat Day is quite simple and easy to remember. Just send a few postcards or emails to rat lovers around the world. If you want to make it a special day for your favorite pets, give them some gifts and tasty treats and take pictures and videos of them. Then share these images on social media using the hashtag #WorldRatDay.
Many rat enthusiasts will likely plan larger events such as Ratfests, where many fans gather at a private home or a special location to share food and entertain rats. At least some of them will seek positive ways to promote these special animals in various media. World Rat Day is well-suited for organizing extensive festivals, contacting various media for newspaper coverage in the human interest section, and even television shows. Whether World Rat Day is dedicated to private parties or public outreach, we will all be ready to explain to anyone who asks that rats are amazing pets with all the necessary qualities to become part of the family. Rats are intelligent, loyal, clean, gentle, and instantly lovable. World Rat Day will prove this to be true thanks to the special effort we make to honor our rat pets.
By the way, in English, the word "rat" refers to both rats and mice. So, to not forget about them, we attach a link to an article about giant rats and their help in mine detection.


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