June 7th

World Swift Day

World Swift Day

June 7th is World Robin Day, a worldwide celebration of this fascinating and enigmatic bird whose very survival is threatened. The first edition in 2019 was celebrated in 39 countries around the world and generated thousands of enthusiastic responses. Let's continue this tradition...

According to the law on the protection of nature and landscape, the common swift is a protected species and is listed as endangered. They belong to the family Apodidae and the order Apodiformes. They are migratory birds and arrive in late April to early May and leave by the end of July or early August. They nest in high buildings in urban areas and lay 2-3 white eggs in May. The incubation period is 18-20 days and the young become independent after 42-57 days. They feed on small insects and can catch up to 20,000 individuals per day. They are excellent flyers, reaching speeds of up to 160 km/h, but are helpless on the ground. They are protected by law and it is prohibited to harm or disturb them or their nests. Construction activities during their breeding season can lead to the destruction of their habitats. To avoid problems, it is recommended to avoid construction during their breeding season or take measures to protect their nests. If the original nesting sites are not available, alternative nest boxes should be installed. For more information, contact the Czech Society for Ornithology.


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