12th April

World Hamster Day

World Hamster Day

We all know hamsters who can fit a three-course meal into their fluffy faces, but did you know they have a whole day dedicated to them? Well, now it is! If you're looking for a way to please your little furry friend, World Hamster Day is here!

Although you can celebrate your friend anytime during the year, you can give them an extra carrot or treat for World Hamster Day. There are 24 different species of hamsters of various sizes in the world, with the largest species being the European hamster, which can reach a length of 34 centimeters. Hamsters are generally small and very friendly animals. The word "hamster" comes from the German word "hamstern," which means "to hoard," which is exactly what these adorable creatures do. They use their cheek pouches to store and transport food, which they then hide in their burrows. Sometimes, their cheeks become too big for their stomachs, and their pouches expand so much that they can't fit through the entrance to their burrow. Hamsters are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk, and they are very solitary creatures, even though they are fertile parents. They are also very curious animals, so all hamster cages must be sturdy and escape-proof. The history of World Hamster Day dates back to at least 15 million years ago when hamsters were not yet domesticated until the 20th century. The exciting development began when zoologist Israel Aharoni went on an expedition to search for Syrian hamsters in a cornfield on April 12, 1930. Thirteen captured hamsters were then bred to create the first domesticated hamsters known as golden hamsters. Hamsters in the hobbyist breeding quickly spread to places like the USA and the UK, although they still exist in the wild in various European and Asian countries such as China, Belgium, and Greece. It is sad that the wild version of the Syrian hamster is now considered an endangered species. Currently, the most popular type of domestic hamster is the Syrian variant, and dwarf hamsters are also very common. Like other rodents, they are widely used in laboratories to study various diseases and health conditions such as lung cancer, gallstones, and pulmonary fibrosis. Now that you know everything about World Hamster Day, you may be wondering how to celebrate it. If you have a pet hamster, there are plenty of ways to show them some extra love. Create a delicious salad treat for your friend and even for yourself using some or all of the following ingredients: sunflower seeds, apple slices, cabbage, celery, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and cookies. Make sure everything is chopped into small pieces so that your hamster can properly enjoy the salad. Treat them by adding new fun toys to their habitat. Hamsters love to play and get excited when they see new things in their environment, so go for a natural hamster toy and celebrate with them in style. Exercise wheels are popular in cages, while hamster balls allow these fun-loving creatures to safely roam around the house. In the wild, hamsters can travel up to 10 kilometers a day, so it's important for them to regularly get a healthy dose of exercise. If you want to spice things up, you can even build them a maze or an obstacle course for them to explore. Why not take a photo with your little hamster? If you have a camera, use a macro lens and start taking close-up shots to perfectly capture their cuteness. It's important not to use flash. Check if there are any events happening in your area. Hamster shows are popular gatherings where owners can exhibit their hamsters, and participants can meet


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