21st of September

Zero Emission Day

Zero Emission Day

The purpose of Zero Emissions Day is to give our planet a break from fossil fuels and everything else that is emitted into the atmosphere for at least one day every year. This includes greenhouse gases, pollutants, microparticles and other emissions that harm our planet and health.

SAKO Brno, a.s.

The patron of Zero Emissions Day is the Brno company SAKO Brno, one of the largest waste and collection companies in the Czech Republic. The company provides comprehensive services in the field of waste management and energy for municipalities, commercial companies, entrepreneurs and citizens.


It all started in 2008 when founder Ken Wallace launched a website in Nova Scotia, Canada, calling for September 21 to be a day without the use of fossil fuels. Since then, the idea of Zero Emissions Day has spread worldwide. In the Czech Republic, the company SAKO Brno has become the patron of Zero Emissions Day. SAKO Brno is one of the largest waste and collection companies in the country, providing comprehensive waste management and energy services. They strive to make the city not only energy self-sufficient but also emission-free by producing heat and electricity without the use of fossil fuels and supporting projects for hydrogen mobility. SAKO Brno also focuses on innovation, operating an automated sorting line and promoting projects for reuse and recycling. They are committed to environmental awareness, offering educational programs and supporting initiatives such as Clean Up Czech Republic. SAKO Brno prioritizes eco-friendly vehicles and minimizes noise pollution in their fleet. They also emphasize the importance of waste sorting and recycling. Everyone can contribute to a better planet by taking small steps such as using alternative transportation, planning meals without cooking, conserving electricity, avoiding single-use plastics, repairing or recycling items, composting food waste, and properly recycling plastics, paper, glass, and metal. SAKO Brno is dedicated to creating a sustainable future and providing optimal conditions for waste sorting and utilization.


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