24th April

International Noise Awareness Day

International Noise Awareness Day

The last Wednesday in April is International Noise Awareness Day, which aims to remind people how excessive noise can be harmful to our health and those around us. It is estimated that one third of European workers (more than 60 million people) are exposed to high noise levels for more than one third of their working time...

Nearly 40 million workers in Spain have to raise their voices above normal conversation level for at least half of their working day in order to be heard. It is estimated that one third of European workers, more than 60 million people, are exposed to high levels of noise for more than one third of their working day. Noise-induced hearing loss has been recognized as the most common and irreversible occupational disease. Noise can also contribute to accidents, work-related stress, and other health problems. The causes of hearing damage include genetic factors, acquired factors such as frequent colds or viral infections, injuries, and exposure to noise and vibrations in the workplace or during leisure activities. Early signs of hearing problems include difficulty understanding words, difficulty hearing certain sounds, and sensitivity to background noise. The health consequences of noise exposure include sleep disorders, cardiovascular effects, decreased work performance, and impaired learning and concentration abilities. To protect your hearing, it is recommended to regulate the volume of electronic devices, avoid frequent visits to noisy places, choose appliances with lower noise levels, and limit the use of headphones. According to the World Health Organization, it is recommended to listen to portable music players for a maximum of one hour per day at 60% of the maximum volume.


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