9th September

Europian Battery Recycling Week

Europian Battery Recycling Week

This week, the European Battery Recycling Week is celebrated in a number of European countries, including the Czech Republic. The aim is to remind the public of the importance of sorting and recycling batteries. After all, approximately 13.3 million batteries enter circulation in Europe every day, and 3.33 billion annually. About three quarters of them are sent for recycling. The campaign is announced by the association of national organizations for the collection of batteries EUCOBAT.

ECOBAT s.r.o.

The patron of the European Battery Recycling Week is the company ECOBAT - a Czech non-profit management company that has been providing comprehensive services related to the return of batteries for 20 years. In 2022, it became the first company in the Czech Republic to receive a new authorization from the Ministry of the Environment to operate a collective system for the return of waste batteries in the Czech Republic.


The European Battery Recycling Week in the Czech Republic is sponsored by ECOBAT, the only collective system that organizes the collection and recycling of all types of waste batteries. ECOBAT also actively participates in educating children and the general public about responsible battery disposal. They provide educational programs, collaborate with local authorities, and distribute collection boxes for household batteries. ECOBAT is expanding its educational activities through the ECOBAT Academy, offering courses on proper battery handling. Recycling batteries is beneficial for the environment as it allows for the recovery of valuable metals and prevents the release of harmful substances. It is easy to recycle batteries in the Czech Republic, as there are over 28,000 collection points available. ECOBAT also promotes other environmental events and provides an ECO calendar with tips for everyday eco-friendly actions. ECOBAT is a non-profit organization that has been providing comprehensive battery recycling services for 20 years and is involved in national and European associations related to battery collection and recycling.


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