9th September

Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week is an environmental campaign to reduce landfill waste and is held annually during the first full week of September. It is a non-commercial campaign that aims to demonstrate means and methods to reduce waste, build community support and raise awareness of the growing problem of waste and environmental pollution.


The patron of the week of zero waste is the company TIERRA VERDE, where they develop and produce innovative drugstores, because it makes sense for them to put their energy into products that are better for our health and nature. They were drawn together by the desire to do meaningful work. They enjoy constantly improving their products so that they are effective and at the same time gentle, with a minimum of disposable packaging. They want an ecological approach to become a completely normal part of life. As well as working in a respectful environment. And they contribute to it every day, with every product that leaves the production in Popůvky near Brno.


The aim of Zero Waste Week is to reduce the amount of waste in landfills, increase recycling, and encourage people to participate in the circular economy. The week also promotes the reuse of plastics and conscientious recycling to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills or incineration.
Tierra Verde has become the patron of this year's Zero Waste Week and has introduced a returnable bottle as a step towards minimizing plastic waste. The liter bottle has a unique shape and a wide neck, making it suitable for both liquid and bulk products. Customers can return it to the store or continue to use it for packaging-free shopping.
The durable polyethylene bottle can withstand repeated washing and transportation and is certified for selling cosmetics. In addition, its semi-transparent design facilitates inventory control and packaging-free shopping. Customers pay a deposit of 25 CZK for the product in the returnable bottle, which is refunded when the bottle is returned to the store or sent back to Tierra Verde.
The events of this year's Zero Waste Week in the Czech Republic will take place from September 11th to September 17th. Participants can engage in various waste-free activities such as swaps, picnics, screenings, lectures, or the World Cleanup Day. They can also join the zero waste challenge online.
In addition to Zero Waste Week, the EKOkalendář calendar by the Ukliďme Česko association provides information about over 200 other environmental days and holidays, along with 365 eco-tips for each day. The printed EKOkalendář for 2024 can be purchased at the Ukliďme Česko FanShop.
Tierra Verde is an eco-drogerie company from Moravia that develops and manufactures innovative products that are better for our health and the environment. They continuously improve their products to be effective while minimizing single-use packaging. They aim to make an ecological approach a normal part of life and contribute to it every day with every product that leaves their production facility in Popůvky near Brno.


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