September 16

European Mobility Week

European Mobility Week

European Mobility Week is the largest campaign in the world dealing with sustainable mobility. It has been held since 2002, every third week of September and ends with the International Car Free Day. Each year has its own motto and part of the program are events related to sustainable transport, such as bike rides, lectures or festivals, some streets are also temporarily closed to cars, and streets are opened to pedestrians and cyclists.

The European Mobility Week (EMW) is an annual campaign organized by the European Commission to raise awareness about sustainable mobility and to find climate-friendly solutions. The campaign encourages citizens to try alternative modes of transportation and enjoy car-free urban environments. The EMW involves not only municipalities but also citizens, initiatives, and non-profit organizations, who organize activities to promote public transportation, walking, cycling, and other forms of active and sustainable urban mobility. In the Czech Republic, various organizations participate in the campaign, including "Pěšky do školy," "Do práce na kole," "Výzva 10 000 kroků," and "Zažít město jinak." Last year, nearly 3,000 municipalities in 51 countries participated in the campaign, including 26 municipalities in the Czech Republic. The International Car-Free Day, which takes place on September 22nd, is the traditional highlight of the EMW. On this day, municipalities open their streets to people and restrict motor vehicle access, creating space for better coexistence and sharing. The official support of the European Union for the International Car-Free Day started in 2000. Public transport companies also participate in the activities supporting the EMW, offering free rides and organizing various events to promote public transportation. In Brno, a Mobility Day will be held on September 16th, focusing on urban mobility and traffic rules. The Brno City Transport Company will participate in the event, showcasing a retro bus. In Hradec Králové, the local transport company will join the campaign by presenting electric and trolleybuses for static display on September 22nd, which will be a car-free day in the city. The Hradec Králové public transport will be free for the whole day. In Jihlava, the local transport company will conclude the European Mobility Week with a car-free day, offering free rides on September 22nd.


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