May 20

World Bee Day

World Bee Day

By commemorating World Bee Day each year, we can raise awareness of the vital role that bees and other pollinators play in keeping people and the planet healthy, and the many challenges they face today. The day has been celebrated since 2018, when the efforts of the Slovenian government led the UN General Assembly to declare May 20 as World Bee Day.

Penny Market s.r.o.

The patron of World Bee Day is PENNY. As a good neighbor, PENNY recognizes the vital importance of bees and other pollinators to us all. Without bees, there would not only be a decrease in honey products, but there would also be a problem with the pollination of a number of plants used for food production.

The World Bee Day was chosen to commemorate the birth of Anton Janša, a pioneer of modern beekeeping. The day serves as an opportunity for governments, organizations, companies, and individuals to support actions that protect and strengthen pollinators and their habitats, increase their abundance and diversity, and promote sustainable beekeeping. The dramatic decline in healthy bee colonies has a significant impact on agricultural production worldwide. Penny, a supermarket chain, is the patron of this year's Bee Day and has placed beehives around their warehouses to care for nearly 2 million bees. Without bees, the world would face a shortage of honey and problems with the pollination of various plants used in food production. The Open Hive Day event allows the public to visit beekeepers and learn more about the importance of bees. Penny also supports beekeepers and offers special products for beekeepers and customers who want to support beekeeping. The EKOkalendář calendar provides information about other environmental events and tips for sustainable living.


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