September 7th

International Clean Air Day for Blue Skies

International Clean Air Day for Blue Skies

The International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies was declared by the UN General Assembly on September 7 with the aim of strengthening international cooperation in improving air quality and reducing air pollution. The proclamation was made through resolution 74/212 and adopted at the 52nd Plenary Session of this Assembly on 19 December 2019.


The patron of the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies is the company DPD, a member of the Geopost group - the largest parcel transport network in Europe. It delivers every shipment via a 100% carbon-neutral route. It constantly measures and reduces its carbon footprint and fully compensates for all its emissions. DPD will also measure air quality in Prague from 2021. You can find out how your street is doing at

The aim of this international day is to increase awareness of the importance of clean air for health, productivity, the economy, and the environment. It also aims to show the close connection between air quality and other environmental and development challenges, such as climate change. The day supports solutions that improve air quality through the sharing of knowledge, best practices, innovations, and successful examples. It brings together various stakeholders for effective air quality management at national, regional, and international levels.
The company DPD, part of the largest parcel delivery network in Europe, Geopost, has become the patron of this year's International Day of Clean Air for blue skies. DPD has been recognized for its long-term and intensive work on environmental improvement, particularly through carbon-neutral transport. By 2025, all DPD vehicles in Prague and Ostrava will be low-emission, supplemented by cycling and walking couriers. DPD is also the first global carrier with scientifically confirmed emission reduction targets from the leading independent scientific platform SBTi.
DPD is pleased to be the patron of this day as improving air quality is one of its main priorities. The company has been working on making its transport as environmentally friendly as possible, not just in terms of media coverage. DPD also aims to educate the public and is part of its communication strategy to raise awareness about greenwashing and help people recognize it. DPD is open to collaboration with other companies and municipalities.
The project of measuring air quality is directly related to improving air quality. For over 2 years, 90 DPD delivery vans with special monitoring devices have been driving through Prague every day. Every Prague resident can check the air quality on different streets on a dedicated website. The devices are also installed on several dozen buildings. The project has been recognized in a sustainability ranking.
In addition to its long-term collaboration with the volunteer action "Clean Czechia," where DPD is the main transportation partner, DPD has also become the patron of the International Day of Clean Air as part of their new project, Their air monitoring web application is a great example of how even large companies can actively contribute to environmental protection and corporate social responsibility.
Apart from the International Day of Clean Air, the EKOkalendar by the organization "Clean Czechia" includes more than 230 other environmental days and holidays, along with detailed information about them. The calendar also provides 365 eco-tips for each day. The printed EKOkalendar for 2024 can be purchased on the "Clean Czechia" FanShop.


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