13th of September

International Wills Day

International Wills Day

International Wills Day, which falls on September 13, reminds people in dozens of countries around the world of the importance of a will and the possibility of donating money, real estate or securities to a charity or public benefit organization. For example, the ecological...

The Coalition for Easy Donation, with the financial support of the Via Foundation on the occasion of International Will Day, annually announces the Month of Charitable Wills. From September 13 to October 13, 2023, donors who remember the charitable organization close to their hearts in their last will and testament will have their notary fees reimbursed. The goal is to raise awareness that through charitable wills, good deeds can be done both during and after life. Money, real estate, securities, and any small gift counts.
Surveys repeatedly show that Czechs are a generous nation. For example, according to the latest World Giving Index for 2021, philanthropy in the Czech Republic ranked a very respectable 13th out of 119 countries surveyed. In 2021, we were even the fastest-growing annual donors. However, Czech giving is not only growing in one-time aid during crises, such as the tornado in 2021 or last year's phenomenal solidarity with Ukraine. Our latest survey shows that people in the Czech Republic are gradually becoming more open to less common ways of supporting charity, such as wills, says Jan Gregor from the Coalition for Easy Donation.
Lucie Hošková, Head of Public Relations at the Czech Society for Ornithology, adds that the Czech Society for Ornithology (CSO) already has experience with bequests. We gratefully remember Mrs. Eugenia Venzarová, a CSO member and a great bird lover. Mrs. Venzarová was a very cultured and well-traveled woman, but her greatest love was birds. Therefore, she bequeathed half of her savings to the CSO in her will. This generous act provided the CSO with an important financial reserve, which proved crucial during the COVID pandemic and the related economic crisis. Mrs. Venzarová was not the only one who remembered birds in her will through the CSO. We deeply appreciate other CSO supporters who we know also think of bird conservation in their wills, and we are very pleased that they see a deep meaning in the work of the CSO that they want to help fulfill with their legacy.
For more information about the Month of Charitable Wills, visit www.zavetpomaha.cz.
Source: https://www.birdlife.cz/


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