8th May

World Donkey Day

World Donkey Day

May 8 is World Donkey Day. It was founded in 2018 to bring awareness to the plight of these brave and lovable animal helpers, including their treatment. If we leave aside the critically endangered African donkey (Equus africanus ssp) and the Asian semi-donkey (Equus hemionus ssp), which is endangered to varying degrees, we wish all the best to all the other donkeys affected by the celebrated event :-).

World Donkey Day is a celebration of one of the most resilient and respected animals in the equine family. Donkeys have served as horses and pack animals in some of the most challenging terrains and climates throughout history. They are known for their stubborn nature and are recognized for their valuable contributions to society. Two subspecies of donkeys, the Somali and Nubian, have been bred together to create the modern donkey that we know today. Donkeys have been bred and transported all over the world, and they have played a crucial role in the development of civilization. They have provided the necessary energy for creating wealth long before the advent of steam or electricity. World Donkey Day is a celebration of their stoic spirit and individual charm. These animals are willing to work tirelessly without expecting anything in return. The day was established by Raziq Ark, a scientist who noticed that donkeys were not being recognized for their efforts in improving people's lives worldwide. The best way to celebrate World Donkey Day is to learn about these incredible animals and the role they play in the world. If possible, taking a donkey ride is a great way to get to know these adorable creatures. There are also many other ways to support donkeys around the world and improve their well-being. Many donkeys suffer from constant pain and need immediate attention. Donating to donkey charities is a great way to show support and help these amazing creatures. Donkeys are beautiful but often neglected animals, and World Donkey Day is an opportunity for everyone who cares about them to raise awareness and take practical action.


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