July 18th

World Listening Day

World Listening Day

Rather than just listening to other people talk, World Listening Day was created to highlight the way people need to listen to the world around us and to raise awareness of the environment and acoustic ecology.

History of World Listening Day
The study of acoustic ecology began in the late 1960s. This field, also known as ecoacoustics or soundscapes, aims to understand the relationship between humans and their environment, particularly in terms of sound. The World Soundscape Project (WSP) was a result of this study, focusing on noise pollution and promoting harmony in the acoustic environment.
The first World Listening Day was celebrated in 2010 and has been observed annually since then. It was chosen to be on July 18th, the birthday of R. Murray Schafer, a Canadian composer and one of the founders of the acoustic ecology movement.
As the movement to end noise pollution and harmonize the relationship between humans and the environment continues, World Listening Day aims to raise awareness and encourage action.
How to celebrate World Listening Day
You can participate in World Listening Day by sharing it with friends and family and inviting them to join in on some of these activities.
Take time to listen to your sound scene
Depending on your location, a simple way to celebrate World Listening Day is to spend some time listening to your surroundings. Take a solitary walk in the forest or a quiet part of town, silence your phone, and open your ears to the sounds of the world. Listen to the wind in the trees, the chirping of birds, the buzzing of bees.
Organize a Listening Party
Whether during a work break or in a classroom setting, create a space that allows people to escape the hustle and bustle of the world and escape from noise. Provide a soundtrack of field recordings that is accessible to everyone in the room or individuals through headphones. Ask participants to close their eyes, relax, listen attentively, and observe what they hear. After the session, provide an opportunity for discussion for participants to share their experiences. Encourage them to be more active and attentive in regularly listening to the world.
Reduce noise pollution
Individuals can take simple measures to reduce noise pollution. Try turning off and unplugging appliances at home or in the office. When using noisy machines like washing machines or dishwashers, close the doors. Riding a bike instead of driving a car is a great way to reduce noise pollution.
Community activists may want to get involved in World Listening Day by participating in opportunities to reduce noise pollution at the local level. Campaigning for mass tree planting to absorb noise, building noise barriers near highways, promoting better product design, and advocating for pedestrian-only zones are some examples.


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