May 24th

European Parks Day

European Parks Day

The European Day of Parks falls on 24 May and aims to raise awareness of protected areas and public support for them. It wants to emphasize the importance of a well-designed and maintained network of protected areas on the European continent and the consistent care of their natural, cultural and historical heritage.

The idea of the European Day of Parks (EDP) was introduced by the EUROPARC Federation, an organization dedicated to international nature conservation through protected areas. The EDP aims to increase interest in these areas and has been celebrated since 1999 with various events across Europe. The history of large protected areas dates back to 1872 when the first national park in the world, Yellowstone, was established in the United States. European national parks were established with a delay of over 30 years, but in 1909, nine national parks were declared in Sweden. The EDP, celebrated on May 24th, aims to bring protected areas closer to everyone, emphasizing that nature conservation is not just for ecologists, zoologists, or botanists. Protected areas provide more than meets the eye, offering education and recreational opportunities for all. The EUROPARC Federation, which oversees nearly 400 protected areas in 38 European countries, organizes various programs and activities on this day, such as open days, excursions, and exhibitions. In the Czech Republic, there are currently four national parks and 25 protected landscape areas, all striving to offer opportunities for learning and relaxation in a sustainable manner.


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