May 23rd

World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day, celebrated on May 23, was established to draw attention to the plight of these beautiful reptiles, which today are at risk of extinction. They get caught in fishermen's nets, people eat their eggs and meat and make souvenirs from their shells... But turtles deserve respect. They are beautiful and elegant, they have lived on Earth for 110 million years, they survived the dinosaurs... Let's help them so that our children and grandchildren can also meet them in nature.

Organize 235 events to raise awareness about the importance of turtle conservation and help spread information through social media, radio, and newspapers. You can also help by sharing this video:
10 facts about turtles:
1. Turtles are reptiles and are cold-blooded, meaning they do not produce their own body heat and their body temperature depends on the environment.
2. Some turtles live in the sea, others in freshwater, and some are terrestrial.
3. Turtles also live in the Czech Republic, but they are not native.
4. The largest turtles have a shell up to 2 meters long, while the smallest ones are around 8 cm.
5. Unlike other turtles, sea turtles cannot retract into their shells, making them vulnerable, especially during the breeding season.
6. However, sea turtles can do many other amazing things, such as holding their breath for up to five hours.
7. Turtles typically live up to 100 years, but some can live up to 180 years.
8. The oldest turtle species lived approximately 220 million years ago, and it is believed that turtles looked the same even during the time of dinosaurs.
9. A turtle's shell consists of two parts, which could be fitting names for metal bands: the upper part is called the carapace, and the lower part is called the plastron.
10. Many turtle species are endangered, and it would be a shame for the number of extinct turtles to increase.


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