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Secondhand September

Secondhand September

Can you imagine committing to a month without buying new clothes, and if you need something to wear, you only get it second hand? Try it in September! The international charity organization Oxfam has declared September as second hand month.

The impact of the fashion industry on the environment is still a major problem characterized by excessive waste and resource consumption. Textile waste is often referred to as the new plastic, and the fashion industry is the second largest polluter after oil. The Secondhand September challenge aims to reverse this trend by encouraging people to recycle and make conscious choices. When we shop secondhand, we reduce the need for resources to produce new goods and extend the lifespan of clothing. We can try a small fashion detox and focus on our existing wardrobe, discovering often overlooked pieces. According to stylists, it is also more important to own a few basic and timeless pieces that are of good quality, can be combined in various ways, and will last longer than constantly buying new trendy items that you won't wear in a few months. The next step is to explore your favorite secondhand store, whether it's a brick-and-mortar shop or online, and embark on an adventurous search for well-preserved pieces that will suit you. Secondhand items of very good quality can be purchased today in a number of online shops for both adults and children. Another option is vintage stores specializing in stylish clothing, usually for women, from quality brands. Finally, you can participate in various swap events where you can send your discarded clothing that can no longer be revived and exchange it for something else that will bring you joy. The Second Hand September campaign can be an inspiration for an overall approach to acquiring new clothing that you can follow throughout the year, but because we know it can be quite difficult, try it for at least the few weeks remaining until the end of September and maybe you will like it.


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