May 3

Sun Day

Sun Day

The Day of the Sun is an international holiday falling on May 3 and was first celebrated in 1978 in the USA. The sun is very important to us, it warms our planet, thanks to it we live. And especially recently, the boom in the use of solar energy as a renewable source has begun.

innogy Česká republika a.s.

The patron of the Day of the Sun is the energy group innogy, which is one of the leading suppliers of photovoltaic and battery systems for homes and businesses - innogy Czech Republic a.s.

The Sun Day became an international event in 1994, attracting the attention of 22 European countries. The European Days of the Sun have been held in several European countries, including the Czech Republic, since 2012. On International Sun Day, many events are organized worldwide to promote the use of solar energy. The energy group innogy has become the patron of this year's Sun Day, supporting the efficient and sustainable use of energy. Solar energy offers an unlimited source of clean energy, and photovoltaics is a modern technology that can convert solar radiation into emission-free electricity. Innogy offers many advantages to those interested in producing their own electricity from the sun. The company also supports energy efficiency and clean mobility. Innogy is a reliable supplier of electricity, natural gas, and heat for 17 million customers in the Czech Republic. The company supports the responsible use of energy and is involved in the construction of public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The Sun is approximately 46 billion years old and is about 109 times larger than the Earth. The distance between the Sun and the Earth is about 150 million kilometers. In addition to Sun Day, there are about 180 other environmental holidays and events listed in the EKOkalendář. Innogy, part of the MVM Group since 2020, provides reliable energy supplies and employs 1,400 people in the Czech Republic. More information about innogy and its products and services can be found at


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