October 23rd

Sustainability Day

Sustainability Day

Sustainability Day gives the world an opportunity to learn more about the topic and learn together what we can do to promote sustainability. Therefore, every last Wednesday in October, schools, companies and organizations dedicate a day to sustainable living.

The company dm drogerie markt sro is the patron of Sustainability Day. dm is one of the largest drugstore chains in Central and Southeastern Europe. Sustainability is not only about ecological products and behavior, but also about a healthy planet, thriving economy, and well-being of people. dm educates its customers and partners about sustainability and shows them that changing behavior towards a more sustainable lifestyle is easier than it seems. In 2018, dm introduced green price tags for products that are environmentally friendly and contribute to sustainability. Currently, almost 2,000 products with at least one of the twenty listed certificates are marked with a green price tag. dm also launched pilot filling stations for eco-friendly cleaning products in reusable plastic containers. In 2019, dm stopped selling single-use plastic and nylon bags and replaced them with reusable bags made of recycled materials and cotton. The company also eliminated the distribution of balloons and replaced plastic cups with more eco-friendly options. Starting from March 2023, dm stopped mailing the ACTIVE BEAUTY magazine to reduce its impact on the environment. The company's headquarters and distribution center in Jihlava utilize solar panels and a cogeneration unit for energy. dm's natural garden surrounding its headquarters in České Budějovice has received awards for ecological gardening. The garden includes insect hotels, bird drinking spots, composters, and rainwater collection systems. dm supported 30 green projects with a total of 12 million CZK to celebrate its 30 years in the Czech market. The company also provides an EKO calendar with more than 240 environmental days and holidays, as well as 365 EKO tips for sustainability. The printed EKO calendar for 2024 can be purchased from the Ukliďme Česko FanShop.


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