October 20

Tree day

Tree day

Arbor Day is a holiday that has been celebrated around the world since the mid-19th century. The date of the Arbor Day celebration varies according to the climatic conditions of individual countries. In the Czech Republic, Tree Day falls on October 20.

History of Arbor Day: Old and sacred groves have been revered and protected since ancient times. The first documented tree planting festival is from the Spanish village of Mondonedo in 1594. The place called Alameda de los Remedios is still planted with linden and ash trees, and a bronze memorial plaque commemorates this event. In 1951, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) adopted a resolution recommending that a World Tree Day be celebrated annually in all member states. In the Czech Republic, the idea of Arbor Day was brought by the Union of Beautification Associations, and it was first celebrated in April 1906. The tradition was interrupted by war and the communist regime, but it was revived in 2000. The history of Arbor Day in the Czech Republic continues to this day, with increasing interest in tree planting and conservation.
5 Steps to Protect Trees that Everyone Can Take
Today is Arbor Day, which falls on October 20th in Central Europe. The protection of our forests is becoming increasingly important as we begin to feel the constant rise in temperatures. Trees provide relief from the heat, not only for us but for the entire Earth. They are our allies in the fight against climate change, as each tree can absorb up to 2 tons of CO2 during its growth. However, due to global warming and drought, record areas of forests have burned in Canada, Russia, and other countries this year. Protecting old forests is more effective in combating climate change than planting new trees. In the Czech Republic, forests cover more than a third of the total area, and they should be given special attention to preserve these valuable ecosystems. Not everyone has the space and time for activism in the field, but our consumer behavior can make a difference. Here are 5 tips on how we can protect trees and contribute to climate change mitigation from the comfort of our homes: 1) Change your consumption habits and buy second-hand products; 2) Avoid buying products with palm oil; 3) Be cautious with paper consumption and choose digital alternatives; 4) Prefer wooden products with the FSC label, which guarantees responsible forest management; 5) Stop procrastination and global warming by using the Forest app, which helps increase productivity and plants real trees. Taking steps to protect our forests is a step towards preserving our planet.


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