March 22

World Water Day

World Water Day

The United Nations proposed this day in 1992 as part of Agenda 21 at the UNCED meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The reason is the fact that more than a billion people in the world suffer from a lack of drinking water, they do not have access to water. The promotion of UN agencies and non-governmental organizations dedicated to water-related problems is focused on the cleanliness and protection of water and its conservation.

The World Water Day is celebrated on March 22nd and this year's theme is "Accelerating Change". The United Nations and non-governmental organizations focus on water cleanliness, protection, and conservation. The role of dams goes beyond water retention and energy business. The UN Water Conference in 2023 is an opportunity to unite the world in solving the water and sanitation crisis. Governments need to work four times faster to meet sustainable development goals, but they cannot solve the situation alone. Everyone needs to take action. Companies, like Philip Morris Czech Republic, play a crucial role in water management and environmental protection. The company's factory in Kutná Hora has received certifications for carbon neutrality and water stewardship. They have implemented measures to save water, such as installing automatic washing machines and using rainwater and well water. Philip Morris Czech Republic is also involved in environmental initiatives. The parent company, PMI, has been recognized for its efforts in fighting climate change, protecting forests, and securing water supplies. The EKOkalendář provides information about environmental events and tips for every day of the year.


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